Agency provides it's clients with:

Physical protection

Technical protection

Technical protection systems we use are products of world famous manufacturers.

High technology with easy operation represents the highest level of security for all objects of high and medium risk, today and in the future. By constant tracking the technical progress in the field of security systems we are able to offer our customers the most sophisticated systems in the domain of:

  • anti-burglary protection system
  • fire protection systems
  • access control systems
  • video survailance systems (indoor and outdoor)
  • tracking and protection of valuable packages and persons
  • working hours and personal income calculation systems
  • procurement and installation of anti-burglary and fire proof doors and locks
  • professional preparation and certification anti-burglary and fire protection studies

  • With these systems, and that we recommend and use, we can make software programs that will meet specific customer requirements that can be bound into a single entity as an segment or a whole system.

    Each system is flexible and modular, so it adapts to customer needs and concepts of protection. Properly designed system can be always easy to expand and upgrade without replacing existing elements, but simply expanding the capacity.

    A.I.C. - Alarm Intervention Center

  • Automatically processes data / signals alarm system
  • Sends an intervention at the scene
  • Notifies users, police, fire department
  • If necessary, submits monthly reports

  • Classic technical protection systems:

  • anti-burglary systems
  • video survailance systems
  • fire protection systems

  • Specific technical protection systems:

  • access control sytems
  • work hours control systems
  • installation and maintenance of intercom and videophone systems