Agency provides it's clients with:

Physical protection

Technical protection

Physical protection includes:

  • constant protection of objects
  • periodical protection
  • night-watch
  • personal protection(body guard)
  • patrol service
  • intervention team 24 hours

  • Our operatives are educated with highest standards, that are no different from European criteria in the areas of security and protection. This means that they have knowledge and skills:

  • protection from possible attacks on protected object or person,
  • knowledge of martial arts, implied by the work they do,
  • providing the necessary first aid to people injured,
  • training in the field of protection against fire,
  • radio communication,
  • usage of firearms, within legally prescribed measures,
  • techniques and procedures of tracking and transport of valuable packages, persons, etc.

  • Respecting the principles of good business we believe that investing in the human factor is most important, which is achieved through various forms of training and educations. The employees in our agency are highly trained, educated, discreet, proven, loyal to agency and clients for whom they work.